4 Reasons Bath Design And Bath Decor

When thinking of bath design and bath decor there are several reasons why this is important. The old-fashioned concept of a bathroom was to divert attention away from it considering it merely a room that serviced necessary daily functions. The modern view is that the bathroom is the second household room in order of importance and value, with the kitchen winning top honors.

How a bathroom is arranged, outfitted with fixtures, and finally accessories are of great importance.

1. One reason is that it is such a frequently used room for many purposes. Today, a lot of attention is given to grooming which can occupy a fair amount of time. Relaxation is another important function in the bath design of today with all the improvements in fixtures that provide both relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

Showers have improved from just being a place to quickly bathe under a stream of warm water and get on with your life, to a place to enjoy and often relish. Modern shower enclosures can be outfitted with showerheads providing everything from a warm soothing stream to an invigorating pulsating massage. And these benefits may not just come from a showerhead, but also from shower panels that provide water delivery to different parts of the body and also in various speeds and modes. Think of it as a whirlpool bath while standing.

And, of course, the high ticket shower enclosures may include television, radio, MP3 player, lighting synchronized to water flow, or even a hands-free phone.

1. This is a smaller room usually than the other rooms in a home. For that reason every item and fixture creates greater impact than in a more spacious room where there are more furnishing and fixtures in a room for the eye to focus it’s attention on.

2.Also, most of a bath’s major furnishings or fixtures serve important functions and need to be selected with care. Some of these items may be a bit costly, but in relation to other items in the home they are long-standing and usually durable. Most people who have run a household for any time will tell you they have replaced their living room furnishings far more times than their bathtub, shower or vanity.

And tubs have also come along with time. Yes, they are still basically a vessel holding water to relax and/or bathe in, but they come in various styles, shapes, depths, and also may supply water through strategically placed jets.

All these improvements make a bathroom a pretty appealing place in which to spend time.

3. Bathrooms are only usually renovated every several years, either small changes or large. The decisions you make will be with you for an extensive period, so it only makes sense to take the time and focus it needs to get it right.

4. Another reason for attention to bath design and bath decor is that it is one of the rooms most frequently seen by visitors to your home. Have you thought about that? How many of your visitors are likely to go into your master bedroom while they are visiting? Few, I would guess. But most guests who are in your home for a good talk, a couple of drinks etc. will in all likelihood visit your bath.

Pole Barns – Money Saving Pole Barn Construction Techniques Exposed

If you found this article you are asking yourself one of two questions. What is a pole barn? How could it benefit me to build a pole barn over a traditional barn?

Both of these questions are very good questions that we will answer for you during this article.

Let’s go ahead and start with the first question. What is a pole barn?

Very simply put a pole barn is a barn built without a traditional floor or slab. The construction of a pole barn consists of placing “poles” or pressure treated lumber at the structural points of the building and either attaching them to a concrete pier or sinking the pole itself into the ground approx 36-44” depending on your location and building codes for your area. Once these “poles” are set and the framing of your roof is in place you would build your walls in-between the poles. The walls do not sit on a traditional slab but instead can sit slightly above the soil. You can later lay gravel, keep the dirt or pour a slab if you choose.

How could it benefit me to build a pole barn over a traditional barn?

Simply put pole barn construction is much simpler and more cost effective than a traditional barns construction. Here is why:

1. No foundation required.

a. A foundation for most counties consists of a 12 – 14” wide x 36-44” deep continuous concrete footing. Go and price that out and see what that will cost you! Keep in mind, unless you want to break your bag you need to include the cost of a full days rental for a backhoe to trench it.

2. No floor required.

a. You don’t need a concrete slab on top of your foundation. You can use dirt, or gravel instead which is very cost effective. The only thing you want to make sure of when using this method is to level the ground before you begin construction. Doing it later is a nightmare!

3. If you ever want to expand your barn you can.

a. Because your pole barn is not attached to a concrete slab you don’t need to worry about adding more foundation or slab when putting on an addition.

A Look At Cork Flooring For Your Basement

For some people, the basement is one of the least important rooms in the house and as such, many people don’t give a damn on the kind of basement flooring that they use. However, your basement is as equally important as other rooms such as the bedroom and the living room and it is essential that you are very careful when selecting a floor to use. When you design the basement in the best way possible, you will be amazed at the kind of comfort and happiness that this room will provide you with.

Your basement is very important

Even if you don’t agree with this, the basement is a very important room at your home and it is essential that you exercise a lot of creativity which picking a flooring material to use. Even though the basement is used commonly as a storage area, installing cork flooring is also a simple way of turning your basement in to a place for recreation, creativity and rest. In fact, you will be amazed to find that some people have designed their basements creatively and even converted it to some beautiful extra bedrooms or even a playing area for your kitchen. This is possible to achieve and cork tiles can help you it easily and make this part of the house very unique.

Cork flooring for basement

While there are many options available at your disposal when looking for a basement flooring, cork floors are an ideal option that you should certainly consider. However, as you might have probably noticed, some homeowners are a little hesitant to install cork flooring in their basement but of course, you certainly can’t blame them. One of their main arguments behind this is that the basement is an area that is highly prone to moisture and the cork floor stands to become damaged in case it gets in touch with the water. Actually, this is a sensible argument since the moisture may seep from the concrete right on the cork floor and when this happens, it can really wreak a havoc on the cork tiles. However, the good thing is that this can be prevented from happening in the first place.
Homes which use cork flooring for their basements usually use a floating floor design and this is the best type of cork floor that you should use. With this, after installation of the plywood on the concrete floor, the cork tiles are then laid over it. This acts as a moisture barrier and there are cork tiles without groves and are the best ones to use for the floating basement floor system. This way, you don’t have to worry at all about the cork floor becoming ruined by water in the basement.