Home and Property Wildfire Protection and Prevention Systems

Summer of 2007

Residents in the western side of America, especially in California, may have concerns about protecting their property estates. We are amazed this summer with all the wildfires throughout the West and even Georgia and Florida and other states where we personally thought a wildfire would never exist.Wildfire education courses are especially important for homeowners living in the wildland urban interface and in close proximity to National Forests and open space areas. These lands offer many places to camp & hike and during the summer you can expect for campfires to be banned due to the dry grounds that can create a wildfire. These wildfires can and have destroyed thousands of acres affecting our eco system for both the good and bad.

Many times we hear over and over, how do I protect my property living in the rural areas? The first thing is learning the basic fire safety techniques. This includes clearing all the trimmed trees that have been piling up for years and clearing all the brush around the house and other structures. Clearing all the pine needles that are in abundant levels all over the property is another big one. We also see the firewood piled up and stacked next to the house and around a couple of trees that should be removed. Just by using these basic fire safety strategies can provide a piece of mind for preventing a wildfire around homes and property.

Knowing there has to be more than just the basics of wildfire safety, we strongly recommend our products that no one else has in the wildfire market. We have spent a lot of time educating and marketing our wildfire protection and prevention systems specifically made for rural and other high-risk areas. These high-risk areas will sooner or later have to come face-to-face with the reality of a wildfire. Systems are made to protect your home and property and can be activated manually, by phone and fire sensors. These exterior wildfire systems can be installed for both existing and newly constructed homes. Depending on your size of estate, there are multiple sized fire retardant tanks to fit any size area. The inventor of this system is the creator of all the produce misting systems you see in the grocery stores.

Insurance companies such as AIG, Chubb and Fireman’s Fund are becoming a major part of this product in the southern California area and elsewhere. If you are educating yourselves with your wildfire concerns, you may want to contact your home insurance company and find out if they have any knowledge of our wildfire protection systems. This knowledge can be shared and used by all having similar wildfire concerns.